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Your breast milk is a unique journey. It is possible to find out exactly what your breast milk consists of. As the first company in 2010 to offer a full milk analysis, we provide a detailed explanation with actionable insights to make your breastfeeding period as powerful as possible.

The insight into the ingredients of breastmilk.

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Your nutritional analysis for Your breastmilk! Founded by a mother of two, Breastmilk test analyzes your breastmilk for nutritional values ​​such as calories and protein, as well as vitamins, fatty acids and environmental toxins. The results are then delivered in an easy-to-use report that reads like a nutritional label. We explain how the results affect your child, make suggestions on how to improve the quality of your milk and provide the opportunity for personalized advice, with insights, resources, and support.  We believe that knowledge leads to trust and that trust leads to strong healthy mothers and healthy babies. By providing insights, resources and support, we instill confidence in mothers by providing information based on hard science and academic research.  Breastfeeding with less stress!  Knowing the quality of their milk will help mothers feel empowered to breastfeed for longer, with less stress and a lot more fun.

” Measuring is knowing”

The alcohol test for breast feeding!

Alcohol and breastfeeding don’t really go together, right? But what if you want to drink a glass of wine now as a breastfeeding mother? What are you doing then? Do you google the internet for so-called well-intentioned advice, or do you take it simple? Then order the breastmilk test for alcohol and simply measure with you some minutes whether your milk is alcohol free. In our opinion, measuring is knowing!  If you still consume alcohol during your breastfeeding period, measure whether your breastmilk is alcohol-free before you feed your child!

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Breastmilk test analyzes breastfeeding. Is Breastfeeding Your Lifestyle and are you a dedicated breastfeeding mother? Breastfeeding is a consciously chosen lifestyle. It also means working hard on a healthy lifestyle. As a mother, you have unique breastmilk that passes through the mouth of your children. You as a mother can make a difference and have influence the composition of your own breastmilk! Nature is the healthiest choice. Are you reluctant to breastfeed? Are you looking for help? Ask us for advice! Breastmilk test has a network of very good lactation consultants who are happy to help you.  After all, breastfeeding is the best thing there is. Your children will get healthier with a better resistance for the future.