Alcohol and breastfeeding

Alcohol & breastfeeding

Know that your little one gets the best breast milk and yet occasionally drink a glass of wine? It can be, without being insecure, to keep track of guilt and complicated calculations or times. Alcohol passes into breast milk, depending on alcohol percentage, time of alcohol consumption and the mother’s metabolism.

As a mother you do not want your baby to get alcohol, even if it is only a little bit through breast milk. Test quickly and easily at any time whether alcohol is present in breast milk. The test indicates too high a percentage of alcohol in breast milk. If the strip is negative after exactly 2 minutes, there is no alcohol in your milk! Positive, unfortunately, alcohol present in your milk, and you can decide whether to pump the milk and throw it away or wait a few hours and test again, who knows the alcohol is out of your milk. After all, the metabolism of every woman is different, and that is why you, as a mother, want to know for certain that your child will not get alcohol. Certainty is what we want mothers to do when it comes to what your child receives. Questions about the use? Do not worry! The test strip detects alcohol in breastfeeding in 2 minutes by means of a home test, its effect can be compared to a pregnancy test via a test strip. IBCLC Lactation Consultants even recommend the strips. Meet mother’s milk imports directly from the factory through good contacts. Buttermilk milk does not stimulate alcohol use among breastfeeding mothers, but a responsible use with certainty about alcohol in breast milk. In various recommendations of breastfeeding information sites and agencies is informative or an advice that mothers can and should consume alcohol during breastfeeding. However, depending on the alcohol percentage, the time of consuming alcohol, for example immediately after feeding and the personal metabolism of the mother, there is indeed alcohol in breast milk. As a mother of Meetmoedermelk, I do not want to have my conscience to give my baby breast milk with alcohol, so measuring is knowing instead of guessing and relying on alcohol intake moments and alcohol percentages, or keeping an eye on the time as the breastfeeding authorities claim. Why wait 2 or 3 hours after a wine? But breastfeeding is still a matter of supply and demand as claimed, so why keep the clock? With each mother the metabolism is different, and 1 or more wine does not have to mean that there is alcohol in your mother’s milk. With the strips it is possible to quickly and easily measure if there is too much alcohol in breast milk. You can also measure quickly after a few times, who knows, maybe the alcohol has broken down again or you are killing the milk with alcohol? Does the test really answer the question of whether alcohol is present in breast milk or not? Do you feed as a mother if you know after the measurement if there is actually alcohol in your milk? Oh no? Occasionally there is nothing wrong with that, more mothers do that. It is now a product that many mothers use worldwide. And as they say in America: You do not want your teen to have sex? So preferably safe with condoms, so it is with the test, simply measure if there is alcohol in breast milk and do not feed! Then you decide with certainty instead of guessing!

Tips on how to use the strips:

Many mothers ask me the question, the strip does not discolour, then it works. If the strip does not discolour, it means that no alcohol is present in breast milk. Did you know that directly during feeding and immediately after feeding you make the most breast milk? Just when you consume alcohol right after feeding you are most likely to have alcohol in your mother’s milk. This is of course dependent on the alcohol percentage and your metabolism. If you measure, then the strip will most likely hit. If the strip discolours then it is advisable to test again 3 to 4 hours after the last consumption of alcohol. Alcohol disappears from breast milk over time, blood is out of the milk. However, per woman, this can vary greatly due to the metabolism, one woman is previously drunk or has a faster metabolism. It is advisable to measure several moments whether alcohol is present or not. Ask them questions, send an email to