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The breastfeeding analyzes are tailored to the result.

How do we actually measure breast milk in the breastfeeding research center?

Simply explained. A laboratory in the Netherlands that specializes in researching all types of milk measures your breast milk exactly to size. Breastfeeding is analyzed by means of an infrared light, by means of a meter with the measured signal the contents are calculated with the aid of a computer. In the other analysis, breast milk is dried, charred and ashed, and dissolved. The solution determines the levels by using light that is sent through a molecule when it is in a plasma. This analysis method is more laborious and complex. Since both analysis measurement methods differ greatly and are also different in terms of price, we offer the following. This measurement can not be combined in 1 collection tube, but 2 samples are required. Both analyzes are performed in a laboratory in the Netherlands that is accredited for laboratory research according to NEN-EN-ISO-IEC 17025.

The breastfeeding alcohol strips actually work just like a pregnancy test. It is a thin strip on which a drop of breast milk comes in and it discolours exactly after 2 minutes if alcohol is present.

Therefore, various measurement methods and parameters are possible. If you want a different combination of parameters, please send an email to