Ilonka speaks

As a brand new young mother, I tried to breastfeed my baby. With a lot of perseverance, I have given our little 10 months of breastfeeding with great pleasure. In the following I would do it again. Although everyone knows that breastfeeding is not easy and automatic, so with us the first weeks. After the maternity period when everything came to rest at home and I finally was really alone during the day with the little one I had the most beautiful breast feeding moment. Then I left all the advice and wanted to get rid of the nipple hat. That day I just went to bed with my little one. I put him on my stomach and he automatically crawled to a nipple (just like the moment when he was just born and was put directly on my stomach). From that day together we have had a lot of fun together during the breastfeeding moments. When my milk production went down after almost 9 months, I switched to a combination between art and mother’s milk. From then on, my little one did not sleep through at night. Now I know it can have many causes but this was also the moment that I thought, what is the difference in composition between mother and artificial milk. Because I was phasing out and soon would no longer put the little one on the chest, I started looking if it was possible to have my mother’s milk examined, just out of curiosity. It was not possible via an easy simple way but it worked. The result was funny. I then went on to investigate whether there had been previous studies into the composition of breast milk and what had come out of it. So I found some figures with which I compared my results. The fat content and protein content in my mother’s milk was high! I liked to know this. Then I started giving the little sleep-through of artificial milk, and the night’s rest returned. I told mothers around me that I had had my mother’s milk measured and she wanted to give me immediately expressed milk because they were also curious. Because this was not a regular easy way and I got more and more mothers with this request, I officially started setting up after more market research. Now, the measuring milk is active. I have pasted the result of my breast milk measurement into the baby book, very nice for later. I am now talking to fathers who want to give the measurement of breast milk as a maternity gift!