Our role

MeetMoedemelk provides the analysis and reports the different compositions in your mother’s milk through a certified laboratory. Read more about the role of Measuring Milk: We do not give advice or statements about the outcome / results. You can compare the outcome yourself with the tables, which you will receive at the result and the table on the result sheet. In the outcome of your breast milk measurement, a short explanation is given about the bandwidth of the figures. In addition, we share experiences about the Milkscreen Alcohol Measurement Strips. Experience shows that the Measurement Strips reach every woman at a different time. This is exactly why the strips were made. The metabolism of every woman is different. Did you know that you make the most breast milk during feeding and immediately after feeding? Just when you consume alcohol, you are most likely to have alcohol in breast milk and the Milkscreen Alcohol strips become discolored. Did you know that alcohol also disappears from breast milk? Blood is out of the milk. However, per woman, this moment is different, measuring is sure to know so then again with the strip whether the alcohol has actually disappeared after a few hours.

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