About us

In 2010, during the breastfeeding period of her first son, Ilonka Hoogenhout founded a company to investigate breastfeeding. As a breastfeeding mother, she just really felt the need to research her own breastfeeding for nutritional values. Her son no longer slept during the transition to formula. It went well on her own unique breastfeeding and not on formula feeding? How was this possible? And what was this about? How could this be solved because there was a time when breastfeeding really stops? What was the difference between formula and breastfeeding? What is lacking in formula that my son no longer sleeps but wakes up at night? Lots of questions without an answer…. or a solution? But Ilonka would not be Ilonka if she found a solution. She went looking for an opportunity to find out what her own breastfeeding blueprint was. She found a measuring method and the result was surprising and provided a solution, and shortly afterwards many breastmilktest.eu emerged at the request of many other mothers. Because yes …… there were more mothers who wanted to know whether their breastfeeding was satisfactory or not! Breast milk test is therefore a nice initiative; that does many mothers good and helps in their quest for self-confidence or a solution to problems. By analysing my own breastfeeding, I found a solution with formula and my son slept again. I do not have to explain to you as mothers how nice this was: sleep.

Ilonka Hoogenhout is the founder of breastfeeding analyses in Europe. She is the mother of 2 children, Lianne, and Stan. Both children have been breastfed for a long time, of course, and have built up considerable resistance, because nothing is better than breastfeeding, of course, your own blue print tailored by your body to your children, the nature is the best option. Ilonka is breastfeeding minded and encourages mothers to breastfeed for a long time. From her own experience of mothers, she likes to pass her passion about breastfeeding to breastfeeding mothers. Above all, Ilonka has a modern breastfeeding vision and helps mothers maintain their confidence by analysing breast milk. Her motto is: “measuring is knowing” instead of guessing!

Why do we need a breastfeeding analysis test?

Breast milk test encourages mothers and optimizes their children’s nutrition using a research-based approach through the mother’s diet. The desire of mothers and their caregivers to test their milk is not new. In 1978, the creamatocrit method was developed in which a small sample (capillary tube) of breast milk is rinsed in a centrifuge machine and the fat layer separated from the water layer is measured with a ruler and then the estimated number of calories is calculated. This method is still widely used in hospitals and breastfeeding centres, despite 40 years of advancement across the spectrum of medicine, nutrition research, laboratory technology and general scientific knowledge. Breastmilk Test was established with the mission to bring scientific advancements in breast milk research and to provide a comprehensive, personalized analysis of breast milk for the first time. Using the latest academic research and the most advanced laboratory technologies, our team, research scientists and clinicians have truly innovated in a field that has long been neglected by science.