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Breastfeeding and Drinking Alcohol? The breastfeeding alcohol test gives you 99% certainty of the absence of alcohol in breast milk during the breastfeeding period.

Alcohol passes into breast milk. That doesn't mean that a breastfeeding mother can never drink a glass. It takes an average of 3 hours before alcohol consumption is no longer detectable in breast milk. How quickly alcohol is broken down by your body depends, among other things, on your physique, metabolic rate and the presence of food in the stomach. By taking into account the time of alcohol consumption and time of feeding, an alcoholic drink is no objection from time to time during the breastfeeding period. However, some mothers do not like the idea that their child may be exposed to alcohol. An option could be to not drink alcohol at all, but recently there is also another option: testing your breast milk for alcohol.

The Breastmilk - Alcohol strip is a simple and reliable test to use at home to detect the presence of alcohol in breast milk. It detects the presence of alcohol from 0.13 promille (13.1 mg / dL) or higher in breast milk. With the Breastmilk - Alcohol test for mothers can see in 2 minutes whether her breastmilk contains alcohol or not. Simply saturate a test strip with breast milk and the result will be visible after two minutes. Any color change on the test strip after 2 minutes indicates whether alcohol is present from 0.13 promille (13.1 mg / dL) or more.

To ensure optimal results, read the test results exactly 2 minutes after saturating the test strips with breast milk. Reading the test results before or after the two minutes may lead to an incorrect result. A clinical scientific study has shown that the accuracy of the Breastmilk - Alcohol test is 99%. Strips are a consumer product and are not intended to be used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of alcohol intoxication or poisoning or any other medical-related conditions in women or nursing babies.

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10 alcohol test strips
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