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A Breast Milk Analysis Standard measures breast milk for the nutritional value of Fat, Protein and Lactose. It is a standard breastfeeding test. After the breastfeeding analysis has taken place, the result will be the Energy value. These 3 parameters are only performed all 3 at the same time in this study. This method of measuring breast milk is fairly standard and can be carried out quickly. You send in 1 breast milk sample and the result will usually follow within a few days.

The standard tests for calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fat in your milk.

Included with your purchase are a sample collection vial and frozen gel package, return envelope, prepaid return shipment (only for orders outside the Netherlands), all laboratory costs and your results with nutritional recommendations.

For best results, we recommend testing twice.

An initial sample to get the baseline nutritional levels in your milk before making any dietary changes
A second sample, which will be submitted one month AFTER receiving your first report and had the opportunity to make the dietary changes we recommended.
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