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Statements from our mothers

Want to know more about mothers from Milkscreen? Read a review here: http://www.babykeur.nl/borstkolven/milkscreen-alcohol-thuistest/ Statements by our mothers about breast milk measurements: “the result of the breastfeeding measurement made me more confident and came across professionally” “I let my milk examine: it gives information about the quality” “Just when breastfeeding does not go well, this information can determine whether it is the quality of your milk or not, I have become more certain”. “Nice as a maternity gift for my wife, a breast milk measurement especially for her”, “Consultation agency was of the opinion that my milk was not good, the result showed that this was the case, fortunately I still breastfeed.”


“Milkscreen I can also cheaper buyer in the Netherlands thanks to Meetmilk Milk, now I drink occasionally a wine and test before I feed if there is alcohol in my mother’s milk. “Certainty is important to me, I do not want my baby to get alcohol and then keep track of time and not sure if there is alcohol in my milk, quickly measuring with Milkscreen shows this to”. “My wife measures with Milkscreen when the little one was born her breast milk with Milkscreen and enjoyed the well-deserved first glass of champagne, she was happy with this gift” “After 5 beers, there was still no alcohol in my breast milk, handy Milkscreen measuring strips! My rapid metabolism makes sure it does not come in my mother’s milk. “After 5 beers, there was still no alcohol in my breast milk “When I drank a glass of wine, immediately after feeding, the alcohol went directly into my breast milk. “I drank a lot of water after a glass of wine and after some time no alcohol appeared in my mother’s milk: “Tips and Tricks on the internet found but this gives no security, the alcohol strips give after 2 minutes certainty. “Conveniently I tested 2x, if there was alcohol in my breast milk, I tested again after 2 hours if it was already broken down, so I unnecessarily do not throw away precious mother’s milk.