Breast milk test thus encourages and optimizes the nutrition of their children using a research-based approach through the mother’s diet. The desire of mothers and their caregivers to test their milk is not new. In 1978 the creamatocrit method was developed where a small sample (capillary tube) of breast milk is rinsed in a centrifuge machine and the fat layer separated from the water layer is measured with a ruler and then the approximate number of calories is calculated. This method is still widely used in hospitals and breastfeeding centers, despite 40 years of progress across the spectrum of medicine, nutrition research, laboratory technology and general scientific knowledge. Breastmilk Test was founded with the mission of bringing scientific advancements in breast milk research and offering for the first time a comprehensive, personalized analysis of breast milk. Using the latest academic research and the most advanced laboratory technologies, our team, research scientists and clinicians have truly innovated in a field that has long been neglected by science.

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